GameTracker Lite

GameTracker Lite 1.5

Scans your PC for installed games and organizes them for quick access

Organizes your installed games into one place for fast access and better management. Watches the games and servers you connect to and bookmarks them. Updates the information about the activity on your profile page and supports taking screenshots while playing.

GameTracker Lite is a management tool for games and servers. It scans your computer for games that it knows and then it allows you to customize their preferences from a single window.
But GameTracker is really big as a community. It keeps track of game usage and statistics so you can share those with other members of the community. You can then brag about how many zombies you have killed or your best times or records.

GameTracker Lite also allows you to add the servers that you use for multiplayer to the interface for easy connection and management. Another big aspect is multiplayer. is full of other individuals like you, who are likely to play the same games. So you can create your own Avatar and Create a team or find a team to play your favorite games. As a community, GameTracker also allows you to share your status á la Facebook or Twitter. You can only do this from the website for now, though.

Of course, you can launch all your games from the application, which makes it easy when you have plenty of them. You can add your own commands to the game on launch and you can decide what games you want the application to track. So if you are not that good at Call of Duty and you don't want your friends to know that, you can simply omit it from your list. GameTracker does a great job of finding games on startup, and you can have the application run at Windows startup. The paid version of the app has even more features, like Teamspeak servers and dedicated game servers.

José Fernández
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  • Easy access to servers and games
  • Customizable game commands
  • Statistics tracking


  • No friends list
  • No status updates from application
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